Stitch Fix GUY!

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My guy’s turn to Stitch Fix !

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After having success with my last Stitch Fix box, I decided to introduce my husband to the world of subscription boxes.  He reluctantly agreed and I he is very happy with the results!

What’s in the box?

Weston Crew Fleece: Great piece by Threads 4 Thought – Basic black pull over, but super soft.  Lightweight and can easily be paired with jeans or even chinos.  Can wear a tee under it or a collared shirt.  Husband like casual comfort, so this was a great choice for him.

Verdict: Keeper



Kingston Burnout Vee Tee: This piece was a great choice for hubby.  The casual wear is great and the color was spot on for him.  He will get a lot of use out of this one.

Verdict: Keeper

Lancaster Chino: Flag & Anthem brand, love them!  Theyar eLove the style, colors are fun, and fabric is very nice.  I am not thrilled about the pattern and think for me its a little too trendy and not sure I would wear it after this season.

Verdict: Keeper

Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt: Hawker Rye brand, color and style was right on.  It was not quite the fit that he was looking for as it was a ‘slim’ fit and hubby is more of an ‘athletic’ fit.  Quality was very good, heavy cotton blend.  It will need very little ironing when traveling.

Verdict: Keeper*

Painted Leather Belt: Boconi brand, great belt and his wardrobe was missing this color.  He had a great pair of shoes recently purchased and it matches perfect.  Nice quality.

Verdict: Keeper

Styling sheet is one of my favorite things about Stitch Fix, you see different ways to wear the pieces, day to night or casual to work.  I also love the personalized note that my stylist left for hubby.  Emily really did a great job on this box.

The million dollar question

and the one that I have gotten asked often is this…what is the cost?  Hubby set his parameter for “cheaper the better” and for his box, I thought it was spot on!  His total box (including the bonus 25% off for taking all items) cost less than $150 for FIVE items of clothing.  I was very pleased at the quality of the items as well.

*The button down shirt was not a perfect fit for hubby, but we kept it because it was essentially free (if you purchase all five items, you get 25% off, well that discount was right around the cost of the shirt).

Final verdict…

Hubby is already signed up for his next Fix!!  He thought the stylist did a great job.