Happy Birthday Feathered Friends

It’s only right that my feathered ladies get a little props since it is almost their FIRST birthday and they have been working very hard all Fall and Winter giving us lots of eggs! For everyone who thought I was slightly insane for getting these fine ladies, well, you were right, I am TOTALLY NUTS, but I do love them and they have provided my whole family with lots of laughs and fun.  Here’s just a few pictures of our fun journey of life with them in our house last April to getting our first eggs in September!

Chickens were purchased from www.mypetchicken.com and we had great success with them.  They came the day after they were hatched directly to the post office where we picked them up.


Our shed/coop arriving!  We decided to go with a 8’X16′ shed that we modified into two spaces, one for the chicken coop area as well as an area for supplies & gardening tools. We purchased our shed from Mohawk Valley Sheds & Cabins


Interior views with the division shown.IMG_9884

Hubby worked so hard building this run for the chickens.  We dug down around the whole run 24″ to predator-proof it with heavy gauge mesh that we carried over the top as well to prevent any hawks or predators to get in that way.IMG_1593

I choose to paint the interior of the coop with glossy outdoor paint so that it will be easier clean and spray or wipe it down.IMG_0008

The ladies getting their feet in the grass for the first time.  We chose a mixture of chicken breeds.  2 Golden Laced Wyanadottes, 2 Buff Brahmas, 1 Rhode Island Red, and 1 White Plymouth RockIMG_8961

The toddler weeks are not the most beautiful.IMG_0156IMG_0159

Getting introduced to their new sisters.  A friend of mine hatched some little ladies in her classroom and we gladly made them part of our family.  We added 3 Australrops and 3 Red Sexlinks.IMG_0150IMG_0052

Great find at an antique sale with these vintage egg boxes that we made into nesting boxes for the ladies.IMG_0873

The ladies are hitting their teen months and enjoying the coop for the first time.IMG_0013IMG_0239IMG_0236IMG_0215IMG_0209IMG_1442

Photo provided by Cori Brooks PhotographyIMG_1428

Silly girl, still to this day will not use the boxes!  She insists on laying her eggs under the box.  She was my first layer.IMG_1359

Low and behold, September came and we got our first egg!  I’m sure my neighbors down the road heard my excitement when I found this little beauty!  Yes, she was also a double yolk-er!IMG_1325

My sweet girl showing off her egg.IMG_1380

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