let’s go to HAPPY HOUR


Welcome to my HAPPY HOUR!

Happy Hours have always been one of my favorite things to do. Work is done, getting together with friends and we would share all our latest finds whether it be a great deal on a pair of jeans or sweater to the latest beauty secret. We’d also talk about our recent travels and give great honest reviews about the hotels, airlines, and restaurants we visited. I’ve created this page to do just that. We can have our HAPPY HOUR all the time! I will be posting and going live with anything I find that is *amazing* and needs to be passed along. Come, browse, laugh and grow with me!

Now for the nitty gritty…
***Negativity towards me or others will not be acceptable on this page. I want honest opinions and love to explore and converse with everyone, but in a positive way.***

***Reviews and opinions are mine and mine alone! Take them or leave them. I will only review products that I have actually used or have, and places I have actually been. ***

***This page is evolving, so love and kindness is appreciated***

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